• Carry all your equipment to the barracks-do not drive them in.

  • Do not drive nails in the walls or beds. Do not paint the walls.
  • Do not cut trees or shrubs inside Camp Needmore fence. Do not cut any trees or shrubs on National Forest land, without a permit.
  • Garbage disposal is the responsibility of the people renting the camping facility. All garbage or refuse on the premises must be removed when your group function is concluded.  Failure to remove garbage will result in loss of deposit. If you need to make arrangements for your garbage, please contact the City Clerk at (406) 775-8731.
  • Any problems with the cook stoves, cooler, and other appliances should be reported to the Camp Caretaker immediately so the necessary repairs can be made.
  • The kitchen area and Main Hall must be mopped and scrubbed. Sweeping compound is provided in the Main Hall. The cooler should be left turned on and scrubbed out, taking care to wipe off the shelves, etc.
  • The barracks must all be swept, and all garbage and personal belongings cleared out. Again, the Camp Needmore Board will not be responsible for any lost or stolen articles; it is the campers’ responsibility to care for his/her own personal belongings.
  • No Smoking permitted in the Main Hall or in the Cabins.
  • No Pets permitted in the Main Hall. Also, please be cautious with your animals, as there may be rodent control out.
  • Please, no water balloons.  Small pieces of latex pose a choking hazard to young children and wildlife.

Notes on Fire Safety

  • It is the responsibility of the camper to be aware of ALL fire restrictions. Contact the Sheriff’s office (406)775-8743 or the National Forest Service (605)797-4432 with any fire restriction questions.
  • Familiarize everyone with the buildings. Hold fire drills and acquaint all individuals to escape routes before using the camp the first evening.
  • Do not leave ANY fire unattended.  This includes any kitchen burners or oven use, as well as fireplace, grills, propane stoves, campfires, or personal cooking equipment.  Do not burn ANY material other than wood in fireplace.
  • No fires outside allowed except in the ready-made fire pit. Be sure to replace the lid on the pit after each use.
  • When using the fireplace, be sure to open the damper in the chimney enough to permit smoke to go up the chimney. Use the fire screen at all times. Do not leave any fires unattended. Do not burn anything in the fireplace other than wood. Cans and other materials should be disposed of in the regular household garbage.