September through November – The camp is available to rent out for hunters. Dates are dependent on the hunting seasons set by Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. A deposit of $150.00 should be sent to the caretaker (P.O. Box 512, Eklakala, MT 59324) to hold your reservation.

  • Please contact the caretaker (406-975-6413 or to arrange your check-in. Facilities will be unlocked upon your scheduled check-in time with the caretaker.
  • Fees for hunters are $8.00 per person per day. Each reservation or group will be charged a minimum of $40.00 per day. Hunters may bring their own camper or trailer to stay in however use of the hookups requires an additional $10.00 per day along with the $8.00 per person per day.
  • Lost or stolen private property is the responsibility of the individual or group. The Camp Needmore Board will not assume any responsibility.
  • Please contact the Caretaker to arrange your check out. Fees must be paid when checking out of the camp. Fees may be paid by checks payable to “Camp Needmore” or money order.
  • Upon leaving the camp, close all doors and windows, make sure all the bathrooms are cleaned, toilets and sinks checked for any running water, lights shut off and have a safe trip home.
  • Please leave this camp as you would like to find it when you check in. We do appreciate your participation and welcome you back anytime. Several individuals have donated various items to the camp such as dishes, utensils, etc. Please leave those items for others to use. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in keeping the camp clean, neat and usable.